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Welcome to LIFE LINE NGO

LIFE LINE is an NGO in Delhi, India that pledged to help thousands of homeless children with its welfare projects; Feed the Bread, Toy Library, Empowering Women, Shelter, Education, and Healthcare Support. We work diversely and believe that the project can reach slum areas of metropolitan cities, villages, and states of India by shedding away the entire dike.

Moreover, LIFE LINE NGO vowed to spread love, fundamental rights, education, medical security, shelter, and daily bread especially to children and women who lives in the slums of developed cities such as Delhi and so on. Furthermore, we have aimed to empower them by providing education and skills. That is why we have developed a community where everyone can help needy people, children, women, and senior citizens.

Feed the Bread community, where our team would provide, meals to children, who do not get daily bread and this lack of proper nutrition, they don’t grow as a common child should and remains undernourished. The children face so many health issues and get easily affected by the viral.
Toy Library community is built to provide children educational toys, books, games, etc. so that we can create an environment where children are encouraged to study, have fun, learn new methods of creativity and can build learning attitudes.
Empowering the Women community encourages women and new adults to become independent through our vocational and professional skills such as tailoring, parlour, weaving, and embroidery and so on. This little help can build confidence and generate a self-employment attitude. It would help them stand in their feet and would open hundreds of doors of opportunity.
Healthcare Support community, through this project, we would be able to provide affordable and accessible medical support to the underprivileged and senior citizens. Despite, Delhi has millions of people from the slum area who do not get medical support on time. As a result, they lose their lives.
Furthermore, provide your support so that they should not face medical laciness while they are admitted to the hospital. If you want to become our backbone, then you are most welcome because a community never becomes a community without people with wise heart and soul and support. LIFE LINE NGO encourages you to become its volunteer and provide your duty to humanity. Let’s help them for their rights, freedom to get an education, food, shelter, resources, a secured life, and employment.

Who We Are?

LIFE LINE is an NGO in Delhi, which works to provide every child a secured, fulfilled and lovely life by raising donations and support. So, the children can imagine a life without worry, tension, food, shelter, and care. They deserve happiness, love, lots of care, healthy life, home, and support. And this could happen with your support. However, if you want to show your love to them, then help us raise awareness about their struggle, poverty, and helplessness among thousands of people around the world.

Become a Bread Feeder with Us

Your humbleness, care, support, and contribution can make a child’s life better. We at LIFE LINE NGO encourages you to become a bread feeder, sunshine and an angel for a child every day by donating some amount for a greater cause because there is no greater humanity then care and help to others.

Everything that we at LIFE LINE NGO do to support children with food, education, shelter and medical facility just to give them the opportunity to flourish like a blossom, but there are many who are ruined at a tender age. Your support can bring life to the ruined blossoms and can give them a new life a new journey. With us, say no to poverty and suffering.

Our Value

LIFE LINE NGO believes in humanity, and this boosts our confidence that there are so many souls who have a big heart and would help us in our journey to reduce poverty, helplessness, and problems of young children around India. We are moving steadily to our motif, where we would be able to provide a valuable and fulfilled life to kids out there with your support.

Aim and Objective

We work continuously to provide underprivileged children free of cost education and complete development whether it is personal and social.
Our team helps children to choose the right path with proper guidance through education.
Every child is precious and equal to us.
We have created an environment for the kids to build curiosity into their hearts for a better living and upbringing.
Empowering women is an empowering country.
We work on the issues of urban areas so that we can reduce the gap of ignorance.
We are creating a cycle of support, where you can give your support to build someone’s life and in return, that life would give back his or her contribution to building a better society.

Be the Beautiful Soul. Serve Your Duty to Humanity with Us.