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Donation Refund Policy

LIFE LINE NGO and its ‘Donation Refund Policy’ ensures you transparent and reasonable processing of refund of support which you have given by way of digital payment. We at LIFE LINE NGO count on every donor will assess the ‘Donation Refund Policy’ with care so that your donations are not able to be theft or misuse. LIFE LINE NGO also believes that the donation may also be made after reading the whole policy with diligence.

We at LIFE LINE NGO will determine your request for the donation, once we evaluate your request for a refund of donation; we can make that soon after reviewing the donor’s knowledge and record. You are requested to cooperate with us to be refunded quickly.

Nevertheless, LIFE LINE NGO believe isn't obliged to do the equal soon, when you consider that it needs some suitable discretion, and declining for any refund can deduct tax exemption. In case, if you need to be refunded again with your donation.

You have to request with right mail and with proper information about your donation to LIFE LINE NGO, after that we would attain you and can proceed additional within fifteen days from the date of request.

The sum of donation that you made on-line or electronically or through any mode can be surpassed over you with the cheque or demand draft to LIFE LINE NGO or authorized man or woman.

Dispatching demand draft or cheque to LIFE LINE NGO via other manner will also be viable. You need to provide written request with a proper cause so that your request may also be dispatched to the handle, which is recounted beneath.

You have to comply with the information with the date of donation and documentation.


  • You probably have made your donation with any online domain; internet banking, PayTM, and digital mode then read our policy cautiously and furnish a donation identity.
  • In the event you made your donation through cheque or draft, then be certain to mention cheque or draft quantity or number.
  • If your donation made by way of credit or debit card then, do furnish or provide card quantity (last 4 digits).

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