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We Need Your Help

Show your kindness. Show your support through donating.

medical support

Help Us to Raise Medical Support

We at LIFE LINE NGO work 24*7 hours so that each child can get robust health by defeating malnutrition and illness. And, your support can help them in their proper care.


A Shelter, They Can Call a Home

Every child has the right to live in a home, where they get love, security, education, happiness, care, and secure childhood. Your donation can help them to get all the necessities of life. So, donate for a greater cause with a smile on the face.
Education Support

Quality Education For Poor Childs

Your donation can give a child a better life and access to medical support, better living, and quality education. Visit us at our website and make your donation so that we ‘together’ make a society of ‘equality’ by providing education to children.

How To Help Us


Make Donation with Big Heart

helping is the biggest kindness in this world. Show your kindness and support by donating little money for the thousands of orphans and for those children, who survive in the worse situation.

Become A Kind Soul. Become Our Volunteer

if you want to do something for this society then, raise awareness about the problems, which thousands of children, women and senior citizens face every day. And, make their living worthy by helping them to get rid of the basic problems. Spread awareness for ‘better child education and better upbringing’.

Help a Child to Get Education and Better Life

Following the approach, LIFE LINE NGO works so hard so that it can provide support through welfare projects in the area of medical support, child education, and source of livelihood such as bread, school, and shelter and so on. Our employment skill training is created so that the children can engage with the outer world and get to know how it works. This helps them rise above the setbacks and problems of life.

Give a Child Freedom to Dream Big

We at LIFE LINE NGO aim to spread love to innocent children, who live the worse life without doing anything wrong. Are they not allowed to be loved? Are they not allowed to sit in school? Are they not allowed to have a bright and secure future? Who made these rules? Can anyone answer? No, because it’s us. But today you can eradicate your mistake by accepting your responsibility towards our society and its ignorance. Become our helping hand by joining our aim and pledge so that you can help a child to dream big.

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Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.